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Tantalum Capacitor, Polarized, Tantalum (dry/solid), 35V, 10% +Tol, 10% -Tol, 4.7uF, Through Hole Mount

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SKU: 516592
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Part Number: 173D475X9035WE3
DERF ID #: 516592
Manufacturer: VISHAY

Package: –
Capacitance: 4.7uF
Voltage – DC: 35V
FFF Alternates: T322C475K035AT, Kemet
173D475X9035W2, Vishay
T322C475K035AS-C-7293, Kemet
T322C475K035AT-C-7200, Kemet
T323C475K035ASC-7293, Kemet
T323C475K035ASC-7443, Kemet
T323C475K035ATC-7443, Kemet
T323C475K035ATC-7442, Kemet
T322C475K035AT-C-7443, Kemet
T323C475K035ATC-7200, Kemet
T322C475K035AT-C-7293, Kemet
T322C475K035AS-C-7443, Kemet
173D475X9035WWE3, Vishay
T322C475K035AS, Kemet
CX05M475K7200, Kemet
CX05M475K7293, Kemet
CX05M475K7442, Kemet
CX05M475K7443, Kemet
T322C475K035AS7293, Kemet
T322C475K035AS7442, Kemet
T322C475K035AS7443, Kemet
T322C475K035AT7293, Kemet
T322C475K035AT7442, Kemet
T322C475K035AT7443, Kemet
T323C475K035AS7293, Kemet
T323C475K035AS7442, Kemet
T323C475K035AS7443, Kemet
T323C475K035AT7293, Kemet
T323C475K035AT7442, Kemet
T323C475K035AT7443, Kemet
T322C475K035AS-C-7442, Kemet
T322C475K035AS-C-7200, Kemet
T322C475K035ASC, Kemet
T323C475K035ATC-7293, Kemet
T323C475K035ASC-7200, Kemet
T323C475K035ASC, Kemet
T322C475K035AT-C-7442, Kemet
T323C475K035ASC-7442, Kemet
173D475X9035W, Vishay
173D475X9035WW, Vishay
T323C475K035AT, Kemet
CX05M475K, Kemet
T323C475K035AS, Kemet
T323C475K035AT7200, Kemet
T322C475K035AT7200, Kemet
T323C475K035AS7200, Kemet
T322C475K035AS7200, Kemet
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