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Small Signal Field-Effect Transistor, 0.115A I(D), 60V, 1-Element, N-Channel, Silicon, Metal-oxide Semiconductor FET

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Transistors/Small Signal Field-Effect Transistors

Part Number: 2N7002-7-F
DERF ID #: 513386
Manufacturer: DIODES INC.

Voltage: 60V
Amps: 0.115A I(D)
Package: –
Channel: N-Channel
Polarity: –
FFF Alternates: 2N7002, Panjit
2N7002KA, Kec Corp
2N7002E-7-F, Diodes
2V7002LT1G, On Semi
934003470215, Nexperia
2N7002-13-F, Diodes
2N7002LT1G, On Semi
2N7002LT3G, On Semi
2N7002, NTE
2N7002T-13-F, Diodes
2N7002, Infineon
2N7002E-13-F, Diodes
2N7002, Nexperia
2N7002Q-7-F, Diodes
2N7002ET1G, On Semi
2N7002, On Semi
2N7002TQ-7-F, Diodes
2N7002T, Tak Cheong
2N7002, Taitron
2N7002H6327, Infineon
2N7002,215, Nexperia
2N7002TQ-13-F, Diodes
2N7002-AU_R2_000A1, Panjit
2N7002-AU_R1_000A1, Panjit
2N7002-TP, MCC
2N7002-T1-E3, Vishay
2N7002, MCC
Mfr Suggested Replacements: 2N7002, Diodes
2N7002-7, Diodes
2N7002-F, Diodes
2N7002L, Diodes
2N7002LT1G, Diodes
2N7002LT3G, Diodes
2N7002TA, Diodes

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