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Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor, Polarized, Aluminum (wet), 50V, 20% +Tol, 20% -Tol, 220uF, Through Hole Mount

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SKU: 510077
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Capacitors/Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Part Number: 50PK220MEFCKC10X12.5
DERF ID #: 510077
Manufacturer: RUBYCON

Package: –
Capacitance: 220uF
Voltage – DC: 50V
FFF Alternates: 50PK220MEFCT810X12.5, Rubycon
50PK220MEFCCE10X12.5, Rubycon
ECA1HM221B, Panasonic
RA3-50V221MH3, ELNA
UVK1H221MPD1TD, Nichicon
URS1H221MPD1TD, Nichicon
UKW1H221MPD1CT, Nichicon
NRSS221M50V10X12.5F1F, NIC
UKW1H221MPD1CA, Nichicon
UVR1H221MPD1CA, Nichicon
NRSS221M50V10X12.5F3F, NIC
UVK1H221MPD1CT, Nichicon
SD1H227M1012M, Samwha
50PK220MEFC10X12.5, Rubycon
UKW1H221MPD1CV, Nichicon
MALREKA05DC322HG0K, Vishay
UVK1H221MPD1CV, Nichicon
UVK1H221MPD1AA, Nichicon
MALREKA00DC322H00K, Vishay
UFW1H221MPD1TD, Nichicon
URS1H221MPD1AA, Nichicon
URS1H221MPD1CA, Nichicon
URS1H221MPD1CC, Nichicon
URS1H221MPD1CM, Nichicon
URS1H221MPD1CP, Nichicon
URS1H221MPD1CT, Nichicon
URS1H221MPD1CV, Nichicon
UFW1H221MPD1CP, Nichicon
UFW1H221MPD1CC, Nichicon
UVR1H221MPD1AA, Nichicon
ESMG500EC3221MJC5S, Nippon
REA221M1HSD-1012, Surge Comp
RE3-50V221MH3#-G10, ELNA
UFW1H221MPD1AA, Nichicon
UFW1H221MPD1CT, Nichicon
RE3-50V221MH3#-GA0, ELNA
RE3-50V221MH3#-G60, ELNA
RE3-50V221MH3#-F58, ELNA
RE3-50V221MH3#-GAT, ELNA
RE3-50V221MH3#-S1, ELNA
RE3-50V221MH3#-F, ELNA
RE3-50V221MH3#-G59, ELNA
UFW1H221MPD1CA, Nichicon
ECA1HM221, Panasonic
NRSS221M50V10X12.5F, NIC
NRSS221M50V10X12.5TB12.7MMPF, NIC
ESMQ500ELL221MJC5S, Nippon
UVK1H221MPD, Nichicon
ESRG500ETD221MJC5S, Nippon
ESMQ500ETD221MJC5S, Nippon
UVR1H221MPD, Nichicon
ESMG500ETE221MJC5S, Nippon
ESMG500EC5221MJC5S, Nippon
NRSS221M50V10X12.5TBF, NIC
REA221M1HCC-1012, Surge Comp
ESRG500ELL221MJC5B, Nippon
ESRG500ETD221MJC5A, Nippon
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