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Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor, Polarized, Aluminum (wet), 35V, 20% +Tol, 20% -Tol, 47uF, Through Hole Mount

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SKU: 516995
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Capacitors/Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Part Number: ECA-1VM470I
DERF ID #: 516995
Manufacturer: PANASONIC

Package: –
Capacitance: 47uF
Voltage – DC: 35V
FFF Alternates: MALREKA00AA247FL0K, Vishay
ESK476M035AC3AA, Kemet
ESK476M035AC3EA, Kemet
MALREKA05AA247F00K, Vishay
MAL203870479E3, Vishay
UVR1V470MDD1TA, Nichicon
ESK476M035AC3JA, Kemet
35PK47MEFCCE5X11, Rubycon
MALREKA00AA247F00K, Vishay
35PK47MEFCCA5X11, Rubycon
8470LEM0511WPN7M, Fenghua
8470LEM0511WPN4N, Fenghua
2470LEM0511WPN181F, Fenghua
8470LEM0511WPN381J, Fenghua
8470LEM0511WPN7810, Fenghua
8470LEM0511WPN181A, Fenghua
1470LEM0511WPN981R, Fenghua
1470LEM0511WPN385R, Fenghua
8470LEM0511WPN58FD, Fenghua
8470LEM0511WPN98FB, Fenghua
8470LEM0511WPN98EF, Fenghua
UKW1V470MDD1CT, Nichicon
UKW1V470MDD1AA, Nichicon
2470LEM0511WPN585B, Fenghua
8470LEM0511WPN481B, Fenghua
2470LEM0511WPN18FA, Fenghua
2470LEM0511WPN38FR, Fenghua
2470LEM0511WPN081C, Fenghua
1470LEM0511WPN2850, Fenghua
1470LEM0511WPN98EM, Fenghua
2470LEM0511WPN18FM, Fenghua
2470LEM0511WPN285J, Fenghua
8470LEM0511WPN18F0, Fenghua
8470LEM0511WPN4D, Fenghua
8470LEM0511WPN1F, Fenghua
8470LEM0511WPN581J, Fenghua
8470LEM0511WPN281D, Fenghua
UVK1V470MDD1CA, Nichicon
1470LEM0511WPN181J, Fenghua
8470LEM0511WPN1B, Fenghua
8470LEM0511WPN381C, Fenghua
1470LEM0511WPN985C, Fenghua
2470LEM0511WPN78ER, Fenghua
8470LEM0511WPN185F, Fenghua
8470LEM0511WPN081B, Fenghua
8470LEM0511WPN28ED, Fenghua
8470LEM0511WPN785A, Fenghua
8470LEM0511WPN4F, Fenghua
8470LEM0511WP04P, Fenghua
2470LEM0511WPN38ER, Fenghua
8470LEM0511WPN7C, Fenghua
8470LEM0511WPN18EF, Fenghua
8470LEM0511WPN08FF, Fenghua
1470LEM0511WPN18F0, Fenghua
1470LEM0511WPN381C, Fenghua
2470LEM0511WPN58EM, Fenghua
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