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Ceramic Capacitor, Multilayer, Ceramic, 16V, 10% +Tol, 10% -Tol, X7R, 15% TC, 0.33uF, Surface Mount, 0805

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SKU: 516600
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Capacitors/Ceramic Capacitors

Part Number: NMC0805X7R334K16TRPLPF
DERF ID #: 516600
Manufacturer: NIC

Package: 0805
Capacitance: 0.33uF
Voltage – DC: 16V
FFF Alternates: VJ0805Y334KFJAO68, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KXJAJ2L, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KXJAC2L, Vishay
0805YC334KAT4A, AVX Corp
VJ0805Y334KLJAT2L, Vishay
0805YC334KAZ2A, AVX Corp
0805YC334KAT2A, AVX Corp
VJ0805Y334KXJAT2M, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KXJAJ2M, Vishay
GMC21X7R334K16NT, Cal-Chip
VJ0805Y334KEJAR, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KEJAT, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KXJAJ5G, Vishay
0805YC334KAZ4A, AVX Corp
VJ0805Y334KLJAR2M, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KFJMR, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KNJAR68, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KXJAC68, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KNJAO2M, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KLJAP2M, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KBJAR, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KLJAJ68, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KXJAP2M, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KFJAT2L, Vishay
C0805X7R160-334KND, Venkel
C0805X7R160-334KNU, Venkel
VJ0805Y334KFJAP2L, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KFJAR68, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KXJAR2M, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KNJAT5G, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KNJAR5G, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KFJAR, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KFJAT, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KXJAR, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KXJMR, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KNJAI2L, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KLJAJ5G, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KFJAT5G, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KXJAT68, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KNJAI2M, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KLJAR68, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KLJAC2M, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KLJAT68, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KXJAC5G, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KNJAR2L, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KXJAR5G, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KXJAP68, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KXJAP2L, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KFJAI2L, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KFJAI5G, Vishay
VJ0805Y334KFJAO2L, Vishay
M3253504E2Y334KRTB, AVX Corp
M3253504E2Y334KRMB, AVX Corp
VJ0805Y334KBJAT, Vishay
C0805X7R160-334KGP, Venkel
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