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Ceramic Capacitors

A Ceramic Capacitor is a small value capacitor in which ceramic material is used as the dielectric medium. The ceramic material is non-conductive and has high dielectric strength. Ceramic Capacitors are made up of ceramic and metal layers that act as electrodes. There are 2 types of Ceramic Capacitors including : Ceramic disc and Multi-layered Ceramic Capacitors(MLCC) commonly called monolithic capacitors.

Ceramic disk : Consists of two disc electrodes that are placed in parallel. It has small value capacitance and due to the high dielectric strength of the medium, the voltage rating goes up to 1KV.

MLLC: Consist of multiple layers of ceramic dielectric mediums which are separated by metal electrodes. Due to using multiple thin layers of ceramic material, the voltage rating works up to 50V. However the capacitance value is much higher as compared to the Ceramic disk. 

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